SED - Sanat Eğitimi Dergisi
Cilt 3, Sayı 1  Bahar 2015  (ISSN: 2147-8007, E-ISSN: )
Serkan ÇELİK, Mehmet Yavuz ÇETİNKAYA

NO Makale Adı

The art of music stimulated the power of idea and imagery gradually in the stream of history, and found a unique style in every culture during every age and a way of expression which arose from the needs of that society. Although audio samples of Hellen music did not reach to medieval times, the idea and theory of Hellen music left many deep traces on western culture for centuries. During this period of time, the development of theater and lyrical poetry contributed to the development of music types and musical instruments significantly. In Hellen society, music was regarded as one of the types of art and science. In spite of the fact that there was a possibility for music to be used for the purposes such as; having rest, recreation and entertainment, it played significant and central role on daily and religious lives. Music had a large usage area and was used in nearly all the activities that constituted Hellen society. Particularly; religious ceremonies and theatrical performances in schools etc. In this context, various sources of information related to music were used in different literary and philosophical works. One of the most important reasons why music was quite significant in Hellen society arose from the importance given to music education. This research investigates the place and importance of music education in Hellen society. Teaching music in a right and proper way and providing education of one of the types of musical instrument while teaching prove that the art of music in education was highly regarded and taken seriously.

Keywords: hellen; music; antique; education, society